Ruhvenile Biomedical Opc Private Limited (Ruhvenile) is three years old company, Research and development based startup, developing new chemicals with biological important, biomedical products registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi, India.

Ruhvenile Team with a total experience of 18+ year including 10 + year International exposure and 6+ Industrial; is serving in the domain of Chemistry, Chemical Sciences, small organic molecules, Bio-Technology and Bio-Medical.. Our team strive to provide the best technical and consultancy services and is in business since last 3 year and has experienced scientists and technical persons to support its vision and mission.

It is involved in human health activities, basic and translational research work in collaborations with other companies and leading Research Institute/Universities.

Ruhvenile is committed to promote better well-being in society through preventive manner and provide cutting-edge diagnostic kits on its own and also in collaboration with other national and international players. Ruhvenile can work and collaborate with different diseases because of its experiences but currently focusing on non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer and ready to promote diagnostic kits in India.

Ruhvenile is also very strong in small molecules business from design to discovery followed by development drug and always ready to help you to bring your dream come true.

We are looking forward to work with you and committed to serving the country through preventive manner.

18+ Years

Experience - Organic Chemistry

10+ Years

International Experience

6+ Years

Industrial Experience

1+ Cr

Research Funding

Dr. Rajkumar Halder is the CEO and Founder of theRuhvenile Biomedical who has more than 18+ years of extensive basic and translational research experiences from leading research institutes/university around the globe.

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