Preserve Microbes with BiomLife®: Trusted by Scientists Worldwide

Are you struggling to preserve aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious microbes over an extended period? Discover the solution with BiomLife®! Our product is trusted by esteemed scientists across the globe for its reliability and effectiveness.

BiomLife® is available in four convenient variants to meet your specific needs: 0.9mL/tube, 1.5mL/tube, 3.0mL/tube, and 5.0mL/tube (cryotubes). Preserve your microbial cultures with confidence using BiomLife®.

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Microbial Preservation

Universal Specimen Transport Medium

Microbiological research plays a pivotal role in understanding the diverse microbial world and its impact on human

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Revolutionize Microbial Preservation

Preserving microbes is crucial for scientific research and healthcare, as it allows scientists to keep track of different

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Microbial Preservation

BiomLife® – Product of the year!

BiomLife® is a specialized transport medium that is designed to collect and preserve specimens for extended periods.

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What our partners say about us?

BiomLife® has been incredibly helpful for our advance microbiome research, its accuracy and reliability have transformed our experimental outcomes, enabling us to obtain robust and valid results.
AIIMS, New Delhi
We are more than pleased with the efficient and attentive customer service and recommend this product for other companies/institutions working in this domain.
I wish to take a moment to recognize and commend your exemplary work. Throughout our collaboration we have received consistent reliable data, comprehensive micro-organism preservation and unwavering support and guidance from Ruhvenile.
BLK-Max-Super specialty hospital, New Delhi
I also got to a chance to use one of your product related to DNA/RNA stability for longer period and the result outcome was exceptional and nucleic acid was protected as promised.
CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow

Frequently Asked Questions

BiomLife is a specimen preservation and transport medium by Ruhvenile, designed for a variety of biological samples excluding blood. Its primary uses include microbiome research, clinical diagnostics, environmental studies, and agricultural research.
BiomLife ensures specimen integrity for over two years, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term sample management.
BiomLife can preserve various biological samples such as bacteria (aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious), viruses, fungi, and parasites.
BiomLife is formulated to maintain optimal conditions at room temperature for up to 48 hours, thereby preventing spoilage and preserving sample integrity.
The GreenSpecimen Initiative promotes sustainable practices by reducing environmental impacts while ensuring superior performance in specimen management.
Yes, BiomLife includes easy-to-use kits designed for seamless specimen collection and handling, making it accessible for healthcare providers to environmental scientists.
Absolutely! BiomLife supports advanced research capabilities such as OMICS studies, DNA/RNA sequencing, and marker identification, enhancing the depth and accuracy of scientific research.
Room temperature stability eliminates the need for costly cold chain logistics, thus simplifying the transportation process and reducing environmental strain while maintaining specimen quality.
Ruhvenile products, including BiomLife, are rigorously tested for quality and safety standards, ensuring non-toxic formulations and high-performance outcomes for users.
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BiomLife is at the forefront of microbial preservation and biotechnology innovation. Our mission is to provide world-class solutions that advance scientific research and healthcare. Trusted by scientists globally, Ruhvenile is committed to quality, integrity, and excellence.