BioPlaBean: Biodegradable Material

The only Biodegradable material you’ll need

Ruhvenile has indigenously developed a truly biodegradable material from completely natural sources like biopolymers. Its composition allows it to biodegrade in 6 months to 1 year.


Bioplabean is made from natural resources available in abundant quantities.


Bioplabean can be molded into different shapes and thicknesses, and its life can be extended depending upon the application for e.g. its single-use application will have only 6 months of life while objects intended for long-term use will have a long life.


It takes many years for plastic bags to decompose moreover under sunlight exposure they release toxic substances into the soil,  while if they are burned they release toxic substances into the air. Being biodegradable makes it environment friendly and Ruhvenile’s solution to single-use plastics will improve sustainability across various industries.