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Preserving microbes is crucial for scientific research and healthcare, as it allows scientists to keep track of different types of microorganisms, compare them to other strains, and develop new treatments for diseases. BiomLife® is a specialized transport medium that makes microbial preservation easy and reliable.

The importance of preserving microbes

Microbial preservation is the process of storing microorganisms in a way that slows down their metabolism and prevents them from dying or mutating over time. This process is crucial because it allows scientists to keep track of different types of microorganisms, compare them to other strains, and use them to develop new treatments for diseases. To study a particular microbe, scientists first need to isolate it to ensure it is pure and not mixed with any other microorganisms. Next, they must grow enough copies of the microbe for experiments. To do this, they create lab conditions that allow the microbe to reproduce at high rates. Once they have grown a sufficient number of microbes, scientists freeze them to keep them alive without continuing to reproduce. One common method for freezing microbes is mixing them with glycerol, a sugar alcohol that acts as an anti-freezing agent, then placing the mixture in a vial and storing it in a freezer. Scientists can take out frozen microbes whenever they need them and use them for experiments. Overall, microbial preservation helps scientists understand how microorganisms work, develop treatments for diseases caused by microorganisms, and learn more about the basic biology of living things.

Preserve the microbes with BiomLife®

BiomLife® is a specialized transport medium designed to collect and preserve any specimen for extended periods. It preserves the viability of aerobic and anaerobic microbes, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, while maintaining the integrity of nucleic acids. BiomLife® is suitable for various analyses, such as metabolite analysis, PCR, RT-PCR, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, functional genomics, and more. It is the optimal choice for researchers, healthcare professionals, and experts who require reliable preservation and transportation of specimens. Our innovative formula guarantees prolonged stability and protection of a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, through transportation, processing, and long-term storage.

The new era of pandemic And BiomLife®

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role that microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, play in our lives. While some microbes are essential for our health, others can cause severe illness and death. Therefore, it is essential to preserve and detect microbes, especially in this new pandemic world. The preservation of microbes is critical for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for the study of the microbe’s characteristics and potential impact on human health, which is critical for developing effective treatments and vaccines to combat it. Secondly, it provides a means to track the spread of the microbe across different regions, aiding in controlling its spread. Finally, the preservation of microbes allows for the development and testing of new diagnostic tools and treatment options.

BiomLife® empowers users in diverse fields, such as medical research, pathology, drug development, public health, and agriculture, to work with greater confidence, knowing that their sensitive biological samples will arrive at their destination in excellent condition, ready for analysis and experimentation. Our superior transport medium enables researchers and healthcare providers worldwide to focus on delivering exceptional patient outcomes and driving scientific discovery forward. Experience the difference of BiomLife® for yourself and discover how we empower scientists and physicians to make the world a better place every single day.

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