Here, we proudly present the voices of our esteemed clients who have harnessed the power of BiomLife’s for their microbiome associated advanced research and sample preservation needs. With over 80,000 plus diverse specimens’ samples (Fecal samples, Vaginal Swabs, Nasal Swabs, Skin tissue, gallbladder tissue, Liver tissue, and more) utilized across 4 different continents, BiomLife® has made a global impact on scientific research. Our clients’ testimonials offer valuable insights into the reliability and effectiveness of our product in various research settings. As we continue to grow and serve more scientific communities worldwide, stay tuned for more testimonials that highlight the incredible results and discoveries made possible by BiomLife®. Join us in celebrating the success stories of researchers who trust BiomLife® for their advanced research for Humankind!

1. BiomLife Appreciation Letter – AIIMS, New Delhi – Ruhvenile
2. BiomLife Appreciation Letter – BLK-Max-Super specialty hospital, New Delhi – Ruhvenile
3. BiomLife Appreciation Letter – BJMC JHU – CRS, Pune – Ruhvenile
4. BiomLife Appreciation Letter – CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow – Ruhvenile
5. Preprint- The Lancet (I.F 168.9) – BiomLife – Ruhvenile