Ruhvenile is a research and innovation based company. We have developed products through research and development for the betterment of the society

Ruhvenile Biomedical

Ruhvenile Biomedical

Ruhvenile develops indigenous products through deep R&D, that promotes the sustainable development of our society.

Ruhvenile has recieved several grants and awards like Birac Big and recognition as deep tech pioneer from Hello tomorrow, Paris, France. Ruhvenile has 8+ patents and 9+ trademarks, and more...

Ruhvenile Biomedical
Deep tech pioneer
Deep tech pioneer
Deep tech pioneer
Deep tech pioneer

Contact Kiling Solution - Patented Technology

Long lasting, multisurface disinfectant, and odor eliminator based on our patented technology. It is an alcohol free and non toxic antimicrobial liquid. A single application of Cokisol gives protection for up to 60 days.

Cokisol bottle

All Day Express My Imagination

Turn any surface writable & erasable with ADEMI paint. A paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood, glass, metal, and cement.
Write with pencils, markers, chalk, and sketch pens, and simply wipe it away.

Ademi paint bottle

Microbiome & you

BiomLife™- an universal buffer medium for specimen
transportation, preservation, microbes viability, excellent integrity of DNA, RNA, & tissue for sequencing, metabolites analysis, PCR and more…

Ruhvenile is the first Indian company to have produced the universal media for collection, transport and storage of microbes with high viability.

Product is already in the market

BiomLife Tube

Available in 1.5 mL/3mL/5mL volume
In sterilized tubes


For your unstoppable breath

Our patented technology that produces highly pure Oxygen without electricity. anyone can use without any geographical limitation.
An effiicient alternative to high-pressure compressed oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators.

Oxydeal prototype
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We do research and innovation for unmet social needs…

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Our Experience May Complement Your Success

Ruhvenile has worked with various universities and companies.

It has been our pleasure to work with a number of national and international research institutes, including IIT-Delhi IIT- Tirupati, JNU, and ICGEB.