Are you Struggling with preserving aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious microbes over an extended period? BiomLife® has the solution you need! – Trusted by esteemed scientists across the world.® is available in four variants: 0.9mL/tube, 1.5mL/tube, 3.0mL/tube, and 5.0mL/tube (cryotubes).

BiomLife® aids in the initial identification of diseases and further elevates precision in functional medicine.

BiomLife serves as a versatile transport medium suitable for the collection and preservation of diverse specimens, including those from humans, animals, the environment, and agriculture. It effectively sustains the viability of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious microbes, encompassing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites for over two years without undesired proliferation. Simultaneously, BiomLife ensures the preservation of nucleic acids, such as DNA and internal RNA, facilitating advanced microbiome studies like metagenomics, OMICS and functional genomics and more… This innovative solution is currently employed across four continents.

Preserve, protect, and transport the unseen wonders of microbial life.

By Indian for the whole world


Wider Range

BiomLife can sustain aerobic as well as anaerobic microbes. It supports bacteria, fungi, and even viruses

No proliferation

No Proliferation

BiomLife doesn’t allow the proliferation of microbes in the sample. it creates a snapshot of the microbial population at the time of sampling.


Maintains Viability

The microbes present in BiomLife can be revived easily for further culturing

48 Hours at Room Temperature

BiomLife can keep the microbes viable at room temperature for 48 hours


Study Microbiome

BiomLife can be utilized in a broad range of microbiome profiling; Skin, Gut, Oral, Faecal, Vaginal, Liver, & even environmental samples such as soil, & water,

aids research

Aids Research

Excellent DNA & RNA integrity, tissue microbiome preservation, PCR & RT-PCR, sequencing, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, functional genomics, etc…

Truly A Universal Transport Media!

Environmental sample
Nasal swab
Nasal Swabs
liver tissue
Liver tissue
Reproductive sample
Reproductive Organs
Stool Sample
Stool Sample
Pancreas Tissue
Gall Bladder
Further Analysis