All Day Express My Imagination

ADEMI is a patented writable-erasable paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood, glass, metal, and cement. Any writing utensil can be used on Ademi like a pencil, pen, chalk, and markers

Lack of space and non-erasability of the canvas hinder creative discussions. Any kind of writing board has a limited surface area, while paper and pen are not suitable for dynamic discussions. While parents don’t like when children write on the walls because of the difficulty of cleaning.

Improves creativity

With so much more room and so many opportunities to express new ideas, students will be able to tackle math problems, work on creative writing projects, expand on an art project, or engage with each other in ways that traditional spaces don’t allow, all without the pressure, fear or insecurity of a single centralized space in front of the entire class. 

Write anywhere

ADEMI can turn any surface into a writable – erasable surface, it can be painted on walls, floors, and desks. It can be used on any material e.g. cement, wood, metal, or glass. Once the surface is dry, you can write on it with pencils, markers, a sketch pen, chalk, and crayons, and erase it easily. ADEMI is available in a variety of colors,

Easy application

It can also be used to create erasable notebooks that won’t leave any impressions on pages in the back. Moreover, It doesn’t give off any smell during application. Already painted surfaces can keep the previous look by using transparent Ademi paint, and if you want a change, you can customize the surface as it also comes in a variety of different colors.