Protection against germs for up to 60 days

Cokisol is a Long-lasting, multisurface disinfectant, and odor eliminator based on our patented technology. It is an alcohol-free and non-toxic antimicrobial liquid. A single application of Cokisol gives protection for up to 60 days. Its use will help save liters of water.

Most of the disinfectants available in the market give off volatile organic compounds that cause damage to the lungs, eyes, and skin. They may need to reapply multiple times and can damage surfaces and leave stains.


Cokisol kills and prevents microbial growth for 60 days. It can be used on any kind of surface including wood, glass, leather, and plastics.

Odor eliminator

Cokisol doesn’t mask the odors but eliminates them. It helps in saving water as you don’t need to flush after using the urinal. Its use can help in increasing customer satisfaction.

Non-toxic & eco friendly

It is alcohol-free, water-based, and doesn’t give off fumes of dangerous chemicals. It doesn’t cause irritation to the skin and eyes.