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Ruhvenile offers a full range of services and consultancy on complex problems and multi-step processes

An experienced multidisciplinary team with specializations in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Molecular diagnostics

We work with passion and commitment, we offer competitive prices, high-quality products, and on-time delivery

Ruhvenile is committed to promoting better well-being in society in a preventive manner and providing cutting-edge products on its own and also in collaboration with other national and international players.

With our extensive experience, we help companies and researchers to engage in critical research. we support you throughout the product development process, from design to optimizations.

With our passion and commitment, we offer professionalism, very competitive prices, high-quality products, and fast delivery.

“Ask for our counseling on complex, multi-step synthesis and support to solve difficult problems.”

Helping biologists to identify the target and off-target proteins through pull-down experiments by proving customized photo linkers, biotin-conjugated linkers, and so on.

We also help customer to design linkers, molecules, and conjugated products to identify the protein-protein interaction.

We are also very proficient in the field of small molecules, from design to discovery to development, and are always ready to assist you in realizing your dreams.

We are looking forward to working with you and are committed to serving the country in a preventive manner.

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The core of Ruhvenile is dedicated to the research of natural remedies and the isolation of the active principles that are responsible for health benefits.

Our company sets out to create new formulations using natural remedies as well as helping the research on phytopharmaceuticals providing high-quality purified compounds of natural origin for the study of their beneficial properties

Ruhvenile is keen to tackle the need of distributing cheaper, easily available, and easy-to-implement diagnostic kits to avail the fast diagnosis of diseases with a higher incidence in the Indian subcontinent.

With several contacts with European and American manufacturers, our team distributes kits for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, malaria, and forms of cancer that show a higher incidence rate among the Indian population.

Cancer detection kit

Ruhvenile offers drug development services and drug design in silico, including molecular docking, drug target identification, drug discovery screening – small molecule screening, library screening, ion channel screening – fragment-based drug design,

Ruhvenile Bench

ligand-based drug design, ligand-protein binding, protein-ligand docking calculation and prediction, drug profiling, lead identification, lead compound identification, and lead optimization.

Anticancer drug discovery projects are being pursued by many biotech companies in India and the US. Over half of these are devoted to the development of cancer drugs and to the treatment of cancer. Ruhvenile offers drug-like lead compounds, and chemical compound libraries including screening compounds: small molecules, natural compounds, diversity libraries, and custom libraries, such as angiogenesis inhibitors, GPCR libraries, kinase libraries, and kinase inhibitor libraries.

Our drug design consultancy helps scientists to develop anticancer drugs, work on tumor regression, and identify new drug targets and drug candidates.

At Ruhvenile, you can purchase custom peptides of the highest quality at the best possible price. With advanced peptide methodologies, we produce peptides from milligrams to several hundred grams using solid-phase and/or liquid-phase approaches.

peptide example

The delivery time for custom peptide synthesis may vary depending on the peptide’s length and complexity. State-of-the-art peptide synthesizers and HPLC and mass spectrometry equipment are used for the synthesis, purification, and characterization of our products. All of which include HPLC and mass spectroscopy data. Confidentiality of all orders is assured.

Ruhvenile provides several hundred different small molecules and reagents for all your need of chemical synthesis, and purification for research purposes.

Our company provides small molecules for all your needs!


Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization Services

After initial biological testing of selected compounds, the verified hits often undergo hit-to-lead analysis in order to progress several sets of compounds into just a few preclinical candidates.

Drug leads design

We design lead series for the target on the basis of verified hits, provided by a close collaboration between our partners and chemistry teams, in two steps:

1. Creating new targeted libraries on the basis of hits verified in the initial biological testing stage.

2. Carrying out in silico screening of these compounds against the target.

ADME Modeling

Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling (PBPK) is a mathematical modeling technique to predict the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME) of a compound in the body and is used in pharmaceutical research.

ADME describes the ability of a potential new drug compound to perform a pharmacological activity.

Our computer calculations will help you to estimate preclinical or non-clinical ADME parameters including:

  • Absorption – maximum fraction absorbed, fraction absorbed, bioavailability.
  • Distribution – partition coefficients and volume of distribution in steady state, concentration-time curves in plasma and organs, active transport.
  • Metabolism – predicting pharmacokinetic behavior on the basis of metabolism rates.
  • Excretion – ways of excretion, enterohepatic cycle.
  • Sensitivity analysis for interactions and individual variations.
  • Pharmaceutical application – assessment of the best pharmaceutical form.

Quantitative Drug toxicity prediction (including LD50)

Our protocols have been developed to provide quantitative information for early assessment of compound toxicity and include:

1. MRTD – maximum recommended therapeutic dose, MRDD – maximum recommended daily allowance, LD50.

2. To characterize the toxicity of a drug lead we screen the compound against a panel of more than 200 human proteins to characterize the toxicity of the compound.

This service predicts drug toxicity and LD50. First, a toxicological profile is predicted by in silico screening of a drug candidate molecule against hundreds of diverse proteins representing different active site types of the human proteome. The active site types that show high affinity for a compound (IC50) are considered sensitive. In the second round of the toxicity assessment procedure, all proteins similar to those with sensitive active site types are included in the screening. As a result, we obtain IC50 (IC50, represents the concentration of an inhibitor that is required for 50% inhibition of its target) of a tested compound for every protein from our toxicological protein platform. On the basis of this information, we draw a conclusion about the adverse reaction targets of a compound and its possible adverse effects.

Ruhvenile offers pull-down assays and experiments at competitive prices

  • Attached linker with a potent compound
  • Photo-linker
  • Biotin-conjugated linker
  • Cleavable and non-cleavable linker

Ruhvenile provides services on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for small molecules, and proteins and determines the structure of the same for your individual and/or institutional progress.

Do you need NMR service, or structure elucidation for your small organic molecules, Natural products, proteins, and Biologics? then Ruhvenile is the right place to get service through its highly experienced team.

All the NMR experiments are done on 500 MHz with CryoProbe.

Your data is very confidential and Ruhvenile doesn’t hold any royalty on your research outcome except if there is a special agreement.

A highly monodisperse, adsorptive surface gold nanoparticle (20-100 nm) with excellent thermo-mechanical properties is available from Ruhvenile in a variety of sizes, shapes, and surfaces.

With the negative charge of Trisodium citrate (TSC), cellulose nanocrystal (CNC), polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), 3-Mercaptopropionic acid (MPA), and pectin, the surface activity can be enhanced.

Monodisperse Gold nanoparticles
A liquid suspension of gold nanoparticles | Appearance: wine red

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